A Message from Lauren


Hello, and welcome to the Lauren's Kids 'Safer, Smarter Families' Family Safety Plan generator!

This custom, interactive tool will provide you with the language and activities necessary to have important conversations with your family about personal safety in a way that is comfortable and accessible for both you and your children.

While childhood should be a time of wonder and excitement – a time to learn and grow – not all children get to experience the carefree joy of childhood. Unfortunately, we know that child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education. Ninety percent of the time a child is being harmed it’s at the hands of someone they – and their parents – know, love and trust.


The stats are staggering, but the solution is clear: 95 percent of child sexual abuse IS preventable through education and awareness. This Safety Plan Generator is designed to be a resource for your family to prevent abuse and protect childhood.

After answering a few questions to customize your safety plan, you will be able to access a set of age-appropriate strategies you can share with your child to empower them to stay safe and access help in situations that may be, or become, unsafe. These sets of strategies are grouped by ages:

Once customized and generated, your Family Safety Plan will include the following:

If you are viewing this website, you are well on your way to raising your own awareness and helping your family to stay safe! Now – let’s get started on your Family Safety Plan!

Lauren Book
Founder, Lauren's Kids