Cyber P.L.A.N.


Technology changes daily and new sites and apps are launched all the time, so it is vital that parents consistently monitor your child’s use of the computer, table, smartphone, etc. While it’s important to respect your child’s privacy, you have a responsibility as the owner and account holder of those devices to monitor the uses and activity of them. Children should understand that it is a privilege to use these devices.

Good Cyber Citizenship is important in the home. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are the rules for the use of internet devices in your home?

  • What are your safety settings on your internet devices?

  • What should your child do if they find an inappropriate website or see an image that is upsetting?

  • Do you know who is photographing your child and where those photos are being posted?

  • Does your child understand that once something is posted on the internet, texted, tweeted, etc. it is permanent…even if it is deleted?

  • Does your child know not to post any personal information about, address, email address, phone number….online?

  • Does your child understand that posting any personal information about others is inappropriate?

  • Does your child understand that communicating with someone they don’t know online is very dangerous because they never know with whom they are actually communicating?

  • Does your child understand that chat rooms are dangerous?